The “Bleed In Peace” campaign aimed to create accessibility to cloth pads in rural India which saw a reduced supply of menstrual products because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The economic lockdown imposed and its social consequences resulted in greater inequality, reduced poverty, and increased health risk to menstruation womxn, including migrant workers, daily wage earners, young mothers, and trans people.

The organization undertook the distribution of cloth pads crafted with layers of leak-proof material making them a more sustainable and economically viable alternative to nylon or plastic pads. The easy-dry poplin lining makes two pads sufficient for a menstrual cycle. Paint it Red partnered with 6 grassroots organizations for the production of cloth pads and 25 organizations that carried out the distribution. The campaign provided a means of livelihood to womxn residing in urban slums of Kolkata/Delhi by involving them in the production process. A kit was created consisting of 3 pads with an illustrative instruction manual for easier comprehension. In 75 days, Paint it Red distributed 56000 cloth pads to 11000 womxn across 6 states.